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BlueShaper Pro

Two heat treatments in one file.

BlueShaper PRO® is the first system in the world that combines two heat treatments in a single file, thanks to DualWire® technology.  The DualWire® technology, developed by Zarc, allows greater versatility of the insturment, offering a cutting tip while maintaining the same flexibility as the classic BlueShaper®.

The efficiency of the new alloy.

Thanks to the dual heat treatment of the BlueShaper PRO®, it allows a more precise and efficient canal preparation. It features an enhanced cutting top thanks to its golden 3mm. The DualWire® technology is the first file system that achieves the incorporation of 2 heat treatments in a single file, patented by Zarc4endo.

Designed for cutting-edge endodontics.

BlueShaper PRO® has been specifically designed to meet the needs of endodontic professionals, providing a state-of-the-art tool.  It has been manufactures with high-quality materials and subjected to rigorous manufacturing standards. It offers outstanding performance thanks to its increased canal penetration capacity, increased resistance to torsional stress, and improved cutting efficiency while maintaining the high flexibility of BlueShaper®.

BlueShaper PRO® integrates seamlessly into the clinical routine of dentists, providing easy and consistent results. 


The double allow of BlueShaper® brings predictable performance as developed by odontologists to odontologists. We know there are impossible curvatures. BlueShaper® offers confidence, speed and safety in all situations.

Combined with the highest flexibility.

BlueShaper®, more efficiently and smoothly, creates the tapered shape of the canal, bringing new advantages: highest flexibility and cyclic fatigue resistance, with a complete files system, without changing work dynamics. Its convex section and progressive tapper improves the cutting efficacy, minimizing the friction between the file and dentin.

Highest resistance to the cyclic fatigue.

BlueShaper® brings a higher cyclic fatigue resistance than other well known systems, what represents a fundamental advantage, as the cyclic fatigue is the responsible of the file separation.

ApicalShaper® is compatible with all file systems on the market. It allows greater cleaning and shaping at the apical level without sacrificing pericervical dentin. You can make very conservative preparations with great cleaning of the canal.

Greater bacterial reduction maintaining the original shape of the canal.

Apical finishing file with only 3% taper for greater preservation of pericervical dentin.

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Great cutting efficiency
  • Four apical preparation options: 30, 35, 40 and 50
  • Maximum security

The ApicalShaper® family has 4 instruments so that the specialists can choose the one that best suits their clinical needs: 30/03, 35/03, 40/03 and 50/03.

SlimShaper® is the first minimally invasive three-alloy system on the market. More flexible and less invasibe.


SlimShaper® rotatory file system has a flexibility never seen before. Additionally, thanks to its 4% taper, it is a system that is less invasive and much safer.

The most innovative design.

Specially designed to treat canals that are complex, sclerosed, or have abrupt curvatures. The different coloured handles make it easy to quickly identify the alloy required for each stage of the treatment.

Fast, efficient and ultra-flexible.

Excalibur® is the reciprocating file that will conquer the world featuring a state-of-the-art gold alloy treatment.

The reciprocating file with the lowest taper.

With just 5% taper, Excalibur® is the first conservative single-file reciprocating system. It is capable of removing less dentin than its competitiors, ensuring greater preservation of the original anatomy. It offers 32% higher cyclic fatigue resistance than any other system on the market. It is by far the most resistant ever tested.

  • Characterized by its extraordinary flexibility and absence of shape memory.
  • The fastest, simplest, most resistant, effective and versatile system ever invented. It has the best cutting performance on the market.
  • A single-file system capable of doing it all, and doing it well.
  • The most conservative and safest reciprocating system.

Greater resistance to cyclic fatigue.

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