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From dentists to dentists (D2D)

Zarc4Endo was born as a result of years of research and clinical practice, which are transformed into market solutions.
Dentists know the limitations of products and their techniques first hand, and for this reason they are the ones who can best develop the products they need. Under this premise and thanks to the creative genius of a group of endodontists, this pioneering research, development and innovation (R&D&i) project has emerged in Spain. This project supports and empowers IPG Dental, a consolidated business group in the national dental sector.

opinion leaders

A large number of OPLs belong to our group and are in charge of continuous training and clinical cases


We teach endodontic subject matter at the most important universities and training centers

clinical cases

Our products are tested by dentists who document them in numerous clinical cases


Our team of designers is made up of endodontists who have more than 50 years of professional experience
At Zarc4Endo we aim to create innovative products, add value through training, promote interaction between professionals through the dissemination of ideas, products and services of national and international groups who are leaders in innovation and development, and all this while offering the best price-quality relationship. Our goal is to position ourselves among the leading brands in the sector and continue to invest in the development of our passion: endodontics.
Only materials that are the result of research and clinical experience of expert professionals can be found in our product catalog. These experts are the ones who design and test the capabilities of each product to provide the maximum quality guarantee.
After two years of intense work, Zarc4Endo is launching a system of continuously rotating files, BlueShaper ®, with significant changes to the alloy, the design or sequence, among other features, to offer simpler, more effective, efficient and safe endodontic treatments. Thus the 6th generation of NiTi instruments was born.


Universalize endodontics, promoting accessibility to a safe, simple, predictable and quality environment for professionals to carry out their work.


To become the leading brand of reference in endodontics in Spain and in the world, with products designed by and for dentists in a collaborative environment.


Leadership in innovation. Quality in our products. Excellence in our processes. Person-alized attention. Integrity and transparency. Collaborative culture.


ZARC4ENDO has innovation in its DNA and, therefore, at its core lie the revolutionary ideas of a group of Spanish endodontists.


We invest in continuous training to disseminate the latest endodontics techniques and products. We collaborate closely with universities and training centers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility program strives to ensure a positive and sustaina-ble impact on our community and planet, with the premise of the highest respect for en-dodontics, dentistry, people, their ways of life, and the world in which we all inhabit.