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Our goal is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction

Dr. Rubén Monge

Bousoño Vargas Dental Clinic (Oviedo, Asturias)

“I am fascinated by the BlueShaper® file system and the mix of flexibility, rotational speed and torque. It gives me a huge advantage in treating canals that would be impossible with other systems.”
Dr. Javier Alfaro

Dental Clinic Alfaro-Pascual (Valencia)

“As an endodontist, in 23 years I have never worked with as much control as with Zarc’s Blueshaper®”
Dr. Rafael Cisneros

Endodoncia Madrid

“BlueShaper® is a recommendable and outstanding file system, and it has an excellent price that makes it appealing to try and use. It is surprising how easily the first file, Z1 Pink, penetrates and prepares the canal, and how it allows the rest of the files to work more simply and efficiently.”
Dr. José Ramón García Iglesias

Clínicagarcía_Odontología Especializada (Vila de Cruces-Pontevedra)

“Using instruments with ease has never been so easy! BlueShaper® is a system that allows you to work safely without sacrificing flexibility or cutting capacity.”
Dr. Carlos Peón

Exclusive Endodontics in Cantabria and Madrid

“Every professional has a preference for a specific type of material. From the time I had the honor of testing it a few months ago, BlueShaper® has become my instrumentation system of choice. Its versatility makes it unique.”
Dra. Laura Sierra Armas

Sierra Dental Clinic (Madrid)

“BlueShaper® is a really effective system that, thanks to its cutting characteristics and flexibility, adapts to each case in a simple and safe way.”
Dr. Alberto Sierra Lorenzo

Exclusive Endodontics Dr. Alberto Sierra (Malaga)

“Perfect combination of flexibility and cutting capacity that makes it possible to deal with any type of anatomy easily, safely and effectively. BlueShaper® is a great file.”
Dra. Purificación Varela

Exclusive Endodontics Practice (Santiago de Compostela)

“The BlueShaper® instruments are simple to work with and have effective results. Impressive flexibility that makes it easy to work on the toughest canals. Love it.”
Dr. José Conde País

Conde Pais Exclusive Endodontics Clinic (Granada)

“Effective and efficient system that allows us to work very safely. BlueShaper® is definitely my choice for both complex cases and everyday treatments. “
Dr. Roberto Estévez

Endodoncia Madrid

“BlueShaper® combines simplicity and efficiency in the same system”
Dr. José Aranguren

Clínica Endo (Madrid)

“The combination of pink and blue alloys make BlueShaper® an extremely efficient system”
Dr. Francisco de la Torre

De la Torre Endodontics (Valladolid)

“Among all the systems that I have tried, BlueShaper® is the only one that combines effectiveness with flexibility, allowing a preparation that fully respects the anatomy of the tooth.”
Dr. Jon Eskurza

Eskurza Endodontics (Bilbao)

“BlueShaper® is a simple, effective and affordable system for quality endodontics”
Dr. Adrián Hernández

Exclusive Practice in Endodontics (Leon)

“BlueShaper® has the optimal balance of flexibility and cutting”