Z Evo mini

Endodontics even easier and in mini size

Motor de endodoncia con localizador de
ápices integrado. Con rotación continua y reciprocante.

Z-Evo mini

Endodontics even easier and in mini size

Endodontic motor with continuous and reciprocating rotation

Reduced size

360º adjustable

Long-lasting battery

Reciprocating motor included

Applied torque control

360º adjustable head
  • It has a 360º adjustable head that allows it to reach any duct.
Powerful battery
  • Long-lasting 1,500 mAh lithium battery that allows the device to be used even when connected to the power supply. Ease in the charging process thanks to its charging base.
Reciprocating motor
  • It can perform rotary and reciprocating movements, allowing it to adapt to any file system on the market.
Reduced size
  • Just as powerful as the classic Z Evo but in a small footprint.
Avoids file fracture
  • Thanks to its display that shows the immediate torque during use. In this way, the clinician can regulate the parameters adapting them to each system and thus avoid exceeding the maximums and causing the file to break.

Torque control

Z Evo manages file stress in a smart way. When the torque limit is reached, instead of going into reverse mode, the motor oscillates until the stress is reduced.

Once it returns to the predetermined torque level, the file rotates again in continuous rotation.

Torque calibration
For precise torque
OLED screen
Digital OLED screen
Ambidextrous device
The screen can be rotated according to the use of the left or right hand