BlueShaper PRO®

Exceptional flexibility and cut

The world’s first system to combine two heat treatments in a single file, thanks to Dual Wire® technology.

BlueShaper Pro®

Flexibilidad y corte excepcionales

El primer sistema del mundo que combina dos tratamientos térmicos
en una sola lima, gracias a la tecnología Dual Wire®.

Punta cortante BlueShaper Pro
Punta cortante BlueShaper Pro

Cutting tip

Poder de torsión BlueShaper Pro

High torque power

Resistencia a la fatiga clínica

Resistance to clinical fatigue

Maxima flexibilidad BlueShaper Pro

Maximum flexibility

lima BlueShaper Pro
Cutting tip
  • It features a sharper tip, which is enhanced by its 3mm Gold thermal treatment along its entire length.
Torsional strength of the tip
  • It offers greater torsional strength at the tip compared to the classic BlueShaper®. This increased strength allows for greater durability and reliability during endodontic procedures, reducing the risk of fracture or deformation.
Resistance to clinical fatigue
  • BlueShaper PRO® exhibits cyclic fatigue resistance comparable to standard BlueShaper® endodontic files. This ensures that the instrument maintains its performance over time and can withstand the demands of endodontic treatment without compromising its effectiveness.
Penetrability in the duct
  • BlueShaper PRO® has an increased penetrability in the canal compared to the standard BlueShaper®. This means that the instrument can more effectively reach hard-to-reach areas within the canal, improving treatment efficiency.

Easy incorporation into clinical routine

BlueShaper PRO® integrates seamlessly into the dentists’ clinical routine, providing easy handling and consistent results.

  • Exclusive Dual Wire technology.
  • Unique system with two heat treatments in one file.
  • Increased versatility, increasing cutting efficiency, resistance to torsional stress and penetration of conduits.
  • Resistance to clinical fatigue.

Designed for cutting-edge endodontics.

BlueShaper Pro® has been specifically designed to meet the needs of endodontic professionals, providing a state-of-the-art tool.

Exceptional durability and performance. 

It has been manufactured with high-quality materials and subjected to rigorous manufacturing standards.

It offers outstanding performance due to its increased penetration capacity in the canals, enhanced resistance to torsional stress, improved cutting efficiency, and matches or even surpasses the standard BlueShaper in resistance to clinical fatigue.

Raises the quality of endodontic treatment.

The BlueShaper Pro® family consists of 8 instruments, allowing the specialist to choose the sequence that best suits each clinical case.

  • Basic sequence: Z1, Z2, Z3 y Z4
  • Complete sequence: ZX, Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5, Z6, Z7 y Z8
  • Also available separately: ZX, Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5, Z6, Z7 y Z8

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Clinical Cases with BlueShaper Pro®

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